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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Unexpected Events

Part of the challenge of teaching is dealing with the many unexpected events that will arise each day. Here are just some examples of these events:

·  Office announcements: While schools try to limit these during class time, it may still happen a few times each week.

·  Fire drills: Most fire drills are announced beforehand, but there may be times that a student pulls the alarm as a prank.

·  Minor student disruptions: Minor disruptions, such as inappropriate talking, happen on a daily basis.

·  Major student disruptions: Everybody hopes to avoid major disruptions, but they still happen — to all teachers.

·  Unexpected visitors: Students on official or unofficial business, other teachers or administrators, and even parents have been known to unexpectedly interrupt class time.

·  Unannounced assemblies: While most assemblies are announced beforehand, sometimes you will be given only a day's or even a few hours' notice.

·  Guidance interruptions: In high schools at certain times of the year, it is common for guidance counselors to call students to meetings and appointments.

·  Other disruptions: Many other disruptions will arise when least expected, including unlikely events like very noisy construction work or power outages.

As this list shows, it is in your best interest to be flex1ible and expect the unexpected. Be ready to change your lesson plans at a moment's notice. And always remember to keep your sense of humor.

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