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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Paying Your Dues

A college degree is required in this profession. You can receive your bachelor’s degree in elementary or secondary education in five years. Prospective teachers take 24 to 36 credits in an area of specialization and 18 to 24 credits in teaching courses. They spend the fifth year student teaching. Postgraduates can become teachers by returning to school for a master’s degree in teaching. In addition, many states offer alternative teaching licenses (designed to help schools acquire a more diverse pool of applicants for teaching positions); the usual requirements are a bachelor’s degree in the subject the candidate plans to teach, a passing score on state-required examinations, and completion of a teaching internship. Prospective teachers are also advised to gain skills in communications, organization, and time management. Teachers can apply for teaching positions through their college’s placement office or directly to their chosen school district.

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